Salesforce Pardot Spring ’22 Release

The Salesforce Pardot spring ’22 releases have been announced! There are more features and improvements, in terms of Pardot. The new features close holes in the new lightning email builder, there is an improvement regarding the slack connector and the Pardot API V5 is brought in line with V3 and V4. In this article, you will find an overview of the 10 most important updates.

1. Push Emails from Lightning Experience to Automation Rules and Completion Actions

Since the introduction of the Lightning Email Template Builder and Email Content, this is the more awaited feature. Now you can “push” email content for use in automation rules and completion actions.

There is now a button for triggering an e-mail to automation. In practice, the email content you have activated for automation is now available not only for engagement studios but also for Automations rules and Completion actions.

2. Enhanced Landing Page Experience

There were several improvements made to the Lightning Landing Page Builder: Customize Pardot Form Styles in the Enhanced Landing Page Builder.

Apply colors, fonts, margins, and more to a Pardot form inside the enhanced Landing Lage Builder. As you edit values in the Style tab, the changes appear on the canvas.

3. Set a Redirect for Unpublished Landing Pages

You can now configure redirect settings that activate when an enhanced landing page is unpublished. Previously, when a Pardot landing page was removed from the web, a default redirect sent visitors to the website listed in your Pardot Settings. The new Redirect Target field on a landing page record can support the default website or a custom URL that you provide.

4. Add Scripts to Landing Pages

Enhanced landing pages now support script code, such as the JavaScript used to support Google Analytics tracking. You can add code to the header or footer of an individual landing page, using <link>, <script>, and <style> tags.

5. Build Faster with Page Layouts and Breadcrumbs

With new prebuilt layouts available in the enhanced Landing Page Builder, you can drag in rows and columns in seconds. New breadcrumbs make it easy to edit rows.

6. Create Custom Components for Email Template Builder

With this new feature, it’s possible to develop a Lightning web component to be displayed in Lightning Email Templates. This can help marketers and managers create more engaging email content for their customers.

7. Improvements to the Pardot Slack Connector

This beta feature includes improvements since the last release. The completion action to send a Slack notification when prospects interact with your marketing assets is now available in the interactive Pardot Email Experience. Plus, there’s now a Usage tab on the Slack connector so you can see which assets your marketing team is using the completion action on.

8. External Activities

These are activities that happen outside of Pardot, to bring these activities inside of Pardot, each third-party APP is needed to set up a Marketing APP extension. Once the Marketing extension is activated for automating the external activity data is passed into Pardot through new API V5 and showed on prospect Record.

9. Pardot API V5

Pardot API V5 will achieve Parity with the V3 and V4 in this release. You can check where what was changed and added to the API. The Tracking and Consent JavaScript API aims to give you more control over visitor tracking.

10. Pardot Classic App Is Being Retired

As of October 11, 2021, the Pardot Classic App is no longer available for new accounts, and it’s scheduled for retirement in all Salesforce org by October 17, 2022.

In short; the new features and improvements of the Salesforce Pardot Spring ’22 release will go a long way in moving us all forward. Want to know more about Pardot and our experiences within Pardot?