Create impact with a well thought-out implementation strategy

By embracing marketing automation, you elevate your company or organization to a higher level. Your team saves a significant amount of time because repetitive tasks can be automated (think of customer segmentation, email marketing, lead nurturing and qualification, etc.), allowing that time to be used to focus on strategy and crafting creative campaigns. 

However, implementing a marketing automation tool is not something you do overnight. That’s why we develop an implementation strategy that is fully tailored to the needs and objectives of your company or organization first. Only then do we start working in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool(s) that you will be using. 

Implementing the right marketing automation tool, with the right underlying strategy, is an investment that pays off. You gain efficiency, and with the right approach, you foster growth and strengthen your competitive position. 

The ingredients for success 

When we think of “marketing automation,” we often focus on technology, but the human aspect is equally important. While technology can be used to promote efficiency and scale concepts, human involvement is essential for a creative and personal touch. 

A successful implementation combines both aspects.
That’s why we focus on these four success factors: 

Defining strategic objectives

Customer journey mapping

Cross-functional collaboration

Adoption, training & co-creation

Clear goals that align with the overall business strategy are defined in collaboration with project stakeholders. This ensures we know when the implementation is a success for your company or organization, allowing us to tailor our implementation strategy accordingly.

We put ourselves in your customers shoes and identify all touchpoints in their customer journey. This enables us to work purposefully to outline the right processes and flows and improve your customers experience.

Bringing insights from different teams together yields the best results. Therefore, marketing, sales, and customer service stakeholders are involved in the implementation project. This ensures a holistic approach and breaks down silos.

After implementation, nothing is more important than adoption. We provide training tailored to the needs of the team working in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the specificities of your environment. During implementation, we can immerse the team in Marketing Cloud through co-creation and setting up content and automations in the tool together. 

In-depth technical expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud Engagement

Marketing Cloud Engagement (MCE) is an integrated platform for creating, managing, and analyzing personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels. By delivering the right content at the right time, MCE maximizes customer engagement and loyalty. 


Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

As the name suggests, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE) serves as a central hub for managing account-related marketing activities. With MCAE, you strengthen customer relationships by setting up personalized interactions based on deep insights into your target audience. Additionally, MCAE offers advanced functionalities for lead qualification and stakeholder management in the sales process. 


Marketing Cloud Personalization

Marketing Cloud Personalization enables you to offer personalized experiences at scale (both on your website and in emails) by serving your target audience with the most relevant content and offers at the right time. This hyper-personalization results in higher conversions and increased customer engagement and loyalty. 


Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Intelligence helps you gain deep knowledge about your target audiences, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. The tool uses AI to analyze customer data and interactions, providing your team with the necessary insights to act upon. 


Marketing Cloud Advertising

Marketing Cloud Advertising utilizes advanced technologies for smarter segmentation based on demographic data, interests, and behavior of your target audience. This allows your team to better target campaigns and tailor them to specific audiences. Additionally, segments can be easily integrated into customer journey flows. 


And there's more...

Marketing Cloud is part of the Salesforce ecosystem and seamlessly integrates with various Salesforce clouds (such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.). Combined with artificial intelligence (Einstein) and business analytics (CRM Analytics/Analytics Studio), it’s a powerful tool that provides higher efficiency and deeper insights into your business processes and data. 

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