Marketing Cloud vs. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

MC Account Engagement (Pardot) and Marketing Cloud are two powerful platforms provided by Salesforce. Both have benefits in which you can explore all their potential and you’ll get a brilliant performance. You may have heard that the difference it’s just about one being B2B and the other B2C, but it’s not just that.

But first, what’s MC Account Engagement (Pardot) or Marketing Cloud?

MC Account Engagement (Pardot)

MC Account Engagement (Pardot) is a marketing automation software and lead management tool from Salesforce. It’s known as the more intelligent automation solution in the world’s number one CRM. It’s usually used for B2B marketing tactics and account-based marketing. It can be used to form a bridge between Marketing and sales KPIs. It also allows you to implement, create and deal with customer journeys that fit your customer/prospect needs.

Marketing Cloud

As for Marketing Cloud, it’s also another platform from Salesforce, although being acquired by SF from ExactTarget. IT can be used for any type of company to invest in email marketing strategies. Small companies can conquer new clients and keep up their loyalty without increasing personnel. You can plan, personalize and optimize clients’ journeys making you know them better, measure results and maximize your business’ marketing budget.