A hawk's eye for marketing automation

Data driven, strategically led & results oriented

What makes HAVIK unique is that we always start from an overarching strategy (bird’s eye view), which we translate into the most impactful solutions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (zooming in). Additionally, we dare to question everything, we have a data-driven mindset, and we tailor our approach to your specific objectives and needs. 

Together, we evaluate your maturity on a regular basis, and outline the necessary actions to take your marketing automation to the next level so you can stay on top of your game. By working with data-driven methods and developing specific use cases focused on achieving relevant KPIs, we turn marketing automation into a powerful tool for growth and success. 

Strategic guidance

Even after the initial implementation, we continue to grow with you. We dare to question the strategy, act on new trends and developments relevant to your sector, and inspire you with specific, relevant use cases. We continue to support you on both technical and strategic levels and train your team to maximize the adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 


Before diving into the tool, we consider your marketing and business objectives. These objectives, combined with company- and sector-specific insights, are translated into a technical solution in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With the right marketing automation tool, a well thought-out strategy, and a carefully crafted technical setup, your investment will pay off. 

“We don’t sell empty promises. What we sell is a real passion and the mindset for marketing automation.”