Maximizing return on marketing automation

What good is a state-of-the-art marketing automation tool if you can’t use it effectively and don’t achieve results? We guide you at a strategic level and support you technically. Just like a “havik” (havik is the Dutch word for hawk), we zoom out to your strategic objectives, and then zoom in on the functional and technical aspects of marketing automation. 

In short: we are your guide through your marketing automation journey. And we make that journey together, at your pace and based on your priorities. 

What can we do for you? 

We always start with a well-thought-out marketing automation strategy so we can work together purposefully. Based on personas and their customer journey, we help you to elevate your customers’ experience. Providing prospects and customers with the right content at the right time will result in a more engaged audience that converts more easily. 

 Thanks to our data-driven approach, you gain more insight into your customers, we can continuously optimize your campaigns, and maximize the ROI of your marketing automation activities. 

Strategic guidance

Technical support

Training & adoption


When you think of marketing automation, you may not immediately think of strategy. But a good foundation is important, and a well-thought-out marketing automation strategy is also crucial. And that’s where we can help you. Based on your business objectives, we develop a strategy that’s translated into measurable KPIs and concrete actions. We support you in creating and setting up customer journeys, outlining and optimizing lead management processes, and implementing lead scoring principles, among other things. 

 In this rapidly evolving world, proactivity is crucial. We dare to question the strategy, zoom out and evaluate your marketing automation maturity. Based on a maturity assessment, we outline specific actions to elevate your marketing automation maturity to a higher level.  

Thanks to our experience in specific sectors, we can offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs. 


With our in-depth technical knowledge and skills within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, we ensure a correct setup of your marketing automation tool(s) and develop specific use cases to meet the needs of your business. 

On a technical level, we can support you in: 

  • integrating systems, both within and outside the Salesforce ecosystem; 
  • setting up flows and other automations; 
  • developing branded templates (emails, landing pages, etc.); 
  • developing personalized marketing assets; 
  • implementing advanced technical solutions (using programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, AMPScript, etc.). 

We know adoption within the marketing team is essential to make your investment in a marketing automation platform pay off. In addition, having a data-driven mindset, using the available AI features, and personalization functionalities are of great value today. That’s why we facilitate general training sessions, but also practical zoom-in sessions where we focus on a specific topic.  

Even during an implementation project, your team can gain hands-on experience in the tool through co-creation. We work together on various marketing assets and processes so that marketing and sales teams gain practical knowledge and apply effective strategies. 

Marketing automation is our passion, and we love nothing more than inspiring you and your team. We regularly organize advisory boards to inspire at different levels – from C-level to end user. During these sessions, we encourage a mindset of out-of-the-box thinking and promote a culture of innovation. This way, we create a positive impact on your organization. 

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