The HAVIK approach

The HAVIK Approach makes us unique: we always start from an overarching strategy (bird’s eye view) to develop the most impactful solutions, and let our technical Marketing Cloud expertise prevail (zooming in). We are a young and dynamic team that dares to question everything, has a data-driven mindset, and tailors its approach to your sector, your company, your organization. 

Marketing automation maturity assessment

Where do you stand in terms of marketing automation? How can you get more out of it? And which steps do you need to take? Our marketing automation maturity assessment provides answers to these questions. 

Zooming out, reviewing the current situation, and thinking about the future can provide a whole new perspective. That’s why we discuss this with you and your team during a maturity assessment. We do this in a structured way, with these four pillars as a guideline: 

Customer-oriented Alignment

Team Skills & Tool Use

Data-driven insights

Technological Future Vision

We assess how well your marketing automation approach is aligned with the customer: how do you ensure an optimal customer experience and is there any room for improvement? Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect platform to automate (parts of) the customer journey. But the personal aspect and the human touch should not be overlooked. Is your marketing automation approach fully tailored to your prospects and customers? Because this is such an important aspect of successfully applying marketing automation, this question arises every time we do a maturity assessment. Is there still room for improvement? We’ll work on it together. 

We evaluate the skills of the team and the level of adoption: are marketing automation tools being used optimally? Adoption of your marketing automation tool within the team is essential. Otherwise, you risk it not being used, and your investment won’t pay off. By regularly examining skills and adoption level, we can intervene in time. If user skills are not yet at the right level, we provide training for the team. The topics are tailored to their needs and the specificities of your environment. Even during the implementation process, we can give the team hands-on experience in Marketing Cloud by engaging in co-creation and setting up content and automations in the tool, together. 

We zoom in on data and reporting: how data-driven is your team? Which strategic KPIs were defined and how are you working towards achieving those goals? Are decisions and optimizations made based on data? A data-driven approach is becoming increasingly important. After all, you can be much more effective in marketing by focusing on relevant, measurable KPIs that you translate into targeted actions. That’s why we focus on data and reporting in our marketing automation maturity assessment, and question your data-driven approach. If a data-driven mindset is not yet sufficiently present in your team, we work on it together.

We take a look at the technology and tools used: do they still align with the current (and future) needs of your company or organization?  We regularly take a critical look at the technology and tools used. Are there other tools within the Salesforce platform that can help you respond to new developments or take your marketing automation to the next level? Zooming out can help identify gaps, and take the right actions. We guide you in selecting the right technology, tools, and solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Data-driven mindset

Marketing automation is not just a technical matter – it requires just as much strategic thinking. A data-driven marketing strategy is crucial for doing marketing (and marketing automation) more efficiently and effectively. By focusing on the right KPIs and carrying out targeted optimizations based on results, you create more impact. 

Our data-driven approach always starts from specific use cases, linked to relevant KPIs. Together, we define your marketing “North Star” (or stars) – the goal you want to work towards – and translate it into targeted actions to achieve that goal. The results of these actions are closely monitored so we can optimize continuously. 

In short: measuring results makes marketing automation a powerful tool for growth and success. 

Tailored to your sector

We speak your language – we immerse ourselves in your sector by making the specific terminology and nuances our own. In short: we want to understand your business the way you do. 

This allows us to better tailor our advice to the needs and objectives of your company or organization, share valuable insights, and offer solutions that help you to stay on top in an ever-changing market. We constantly keep an ear out to be able to align our strategies with the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that are relevant to your sector. 

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