Celebrating Sustainability: Bolt’s Green Power Revolution with HAVIK’s Marketing Cloud Expertise

Bolt is a very first energy platform that aims to make the Belgian power grid truly sustainable. 

As a new entrant to the market, Bolt needs to establish their brand and reach a wide audience. They have been using MC Account Engagement (Pardot) for their marketing efforts, but they wanted to transition to Marketing Cloud (SFDC) to achieve their goals. Bolt was in need of a local partner who could help them fully implement the new environment, and they turned to HAVIK for strategic, functional, and technical support. 

After a successful implementation, we can proudly say that this cooperation has since grown into a long-term partnership.  

Step 1: Migration from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) to Marketing Cloud Engagement 

The first step in the implementation process was to migrate Bolt’s existing MC Account Engagement (Pardot) to Marketing Cloud (SFDC). HAVIK worked with Bolt to migrate their existing data and setup. We also ensured that all of the setup for the campaigns, including email template creation, were properly transferred to the new platform. This allowed Bolt to keep their existing campaigns running while HAVIK worked on setting up the new Marketing Cloud environment. 

Step 2: Empower the team by Personalized Trainings 

Once the migration was complete, HAVIK provided personalized training sessions to help Bolt’s team become familiar with the Marketing Cloud platform. These training sessions were tailored to Bolt’s specific needs and focused on the features and capabilities that were most relevant to their business. Some topics handled during these training sessions were Email creation & personalization, Data Management and AMPscript & SQL. This ensured that Bolt’s team members were able to use the platform effectively and efficiently. 

Step 3: Get started with an IP Warming 

After the migration to Marketing Cloud, HAVIK helped Bolt with IP warming. This consisted of establishing a positive reputation with internet service providers (ISPs) by sending a gradual and increasing volume of email messages over time. A journey was built with its needed emails of which the copy was provided and validated by Bolt. By slowly increasing the volume of emails sent, Bolt was able to avoid being flagged as a spam sender and build an upstanding email reputation via Marketing Cloud. 

Step 4: Additional business Workshops to Map Out Needs 

After the training sessions were completed, HAVIK set up workshops to help Bolt map out what exactly needed to be built in Marketing Cloud in User Stories., and how to translate this from their legacy platform “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement”. During these workshops, HAVIK helped Bolt understand the features and capabilities of the Marketing Cloud platform based on their needs and how they could use it to achieve their marketing goals. We also helped Bolt identify areas where they could streamline their processes and reduce manual effort. The goal here was to empower Bolt to set up everything themselves, with the support of HAVIK by their side.  

Step 5: Sparring partner and hands-on guidance 

HAVIK provided check-in sessions to help Bolt troubleshoot any issues that arose and ensure that they were using the platform in a fast-paced and autonomous way. These check-in sessions were designed to empower Bolt to work on the platform in a self-sufficient way, reducing their dependence on HAVIK for support. 

Long-term Collaboration 

HAVIK will keep inspiring and showing the benefits of Marketing Cloud to Bolt Energie. We will work together to develop a roadmap for their marketing efforts and help them achieve their goals over time. This partnership will help Bolt stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing automation and ensure that they continue to make the most of the Marketing Cloud platform. 


HAVIK’s partnership with Bolt resulted in a successful migration from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot, or MCAE) to Marketing Cloud Engagement, which streamlined their marketing efforts and allowed them to create targeted campaigns and automate processes. The long-term partnership will continue to help Bolt stay ahead in marketing automation and drive growth for their business. This implementation has laid the foundation for future marketing efforts and will help establish Bolt’s brand identity and reputation.