Marketing Cloud Engagement Journeys

Nowadays, with technology going forward, people have less and less time to consume content, due to the excess of information that they get every day through email, apps, and social media. So, it’s essential to ally an assertive communication to subjects that really matter to your client, mainly when it’s related to companies whose revenue depends on it. Primarily the case for E-commerce companies. 

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, it is possible to deliver customized communications across multiple channels, such as email, social media, apps, Whatsapp, SMS and online ads. Communications can be customized to each customer’s preference and then also automated with Marketing Cloud Engagement. 

Marketing Cloud Engagement is your solution to involve your clients throughout all the marketing, sales, and services lifecycle.  

Advanced journey management platform

Marketing Cloud Engagement platform is considered to be one of the sector’s most sophisticated journey management platforms, it helps to plan, personalize, and perfect your 1:1 journey through all the channels whether online or offline. 

It’s possible to draw all your journeys, paying attention to the lead’s activities during all its lifecycle with your brand, and then automatically answer and measure the efficiency of personalized campaigns based on history, preferences, location, and actions from the client/lead/prospect. It’s also possible to measure in real-time! 

Independent of your need to be in touch with your clients via email, mobile, social, apps (or any other channel you can imagine), Marketing Cloud Engagement takes the strength of personalization to a whole new level. 

How to use Marketing Cloud engagement for specific use cases?

Leader brands are using Marketing Cloud Engagement on their segments to promote campaigns across a continuous lifecycle and here are three examples of the type of journey design of the most common type of campaigns used nowadays: