Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

What is account engagement (Pardot)

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is a marketing automation solution for your company to create more impact and relevance during the customer journey, for your company that wants to maximize marketing/sales efforts and work from a customer-centric approach to generate more relevant conversions and create that 360° view you always wanted.

More info

  • Take advantage of the native integration between account engagement (Pardot) & Sales cloud CRM to maximize your marketing automation investment
  • Have the flexibility to shape your own business and data processes yourself by using Account Engagement (Pardot)

Marketing & Sales alignment

Reporting & ROI

Data first

  • Nurture your prospects by using engagement studio in a smart & personal way
  • Automate your lead routing process by handing over leads to Sales at the right time
  • Provide insights into the entire customer journey by aligning sales & marketing processes
  • Multichannel approach from Account engagement (Pardot) possible by setting up social media posting and integrating it with other platforms
  • Use a multi-touch attribution model to better understand the marketing investment
  • Calculate your ROI by allocating costs and value generated at a campaign level
  • Create your own dashboards & reports on both tactical and strategic level
  • Use closed loop reporting to make first or multi touch-based source campaigns possible
  • View the life cycle of your prospect within their journey to find out where the gaps or best practices lie
  • Use progressive profiling to further enrich your customer/prospect data
  • Recognize the best leads by building customer profiles
  • Shape your scoring & grading by measuring the predetermined characteristics and (online) behavior of your prospect and/or customer
  • Use automation rules to do data cleansing
  • Flexibility to fully customize your data model and customize the underlying data flows