Summer ’22 Updates Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)

There will soon be a rebranding of Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. For Pardot users among us, this was a big update and came in between releases. In the meantime, Pardot’s Summer ’22 Updates have also been announced, big news! The release will be activated on your salesforce platform in late May/beginning of June depending on your Salesforce instance. In this blog, we’ll take you through the most relevant updates.

Conditional Completion Actions

Yes! one we’ve had to wait a long time for the conditional completion actions are finally here! 

Completion action is an automatic action when a prospect has completed a certain action. For example, an increase in the engagement score after submitting a form. The conditional completion actions will only be fired if the prospect, who takes an action, meets the predetermined criteria.  

So you can actually see a conditional completion action as a kind of completion action, but then in combination with automation rules.  

Pardot (Account Engagement App) For Slack. 

Accelerate your pipeline by receiving real-time updates on prospect activity in Slack.  You can now add a completion action to Slack that notifies you when a prospect interacts with one of your marketing tools. For example, this action can be set when a prospect interacts with a high-value Pardot form 

It seems to us a handy way to automatically forward promising leads to your sales team. In addition, you can also easily inform your marketing team about important prospect activities  

Email Bounce Report

There is a new email bounce report available in the summer release. The report shows all bounced emails from all emails you have sent in the past year.  

First, you had to look at all bounced emails via email reports of individual lists, now you can find everything in one place. In other words, it is a much simpler report and a good alternative to individual reports. The report includes both Pardot classic emails and automated send-outs. 

Improvements For The Landing Page Builder.

The drag and drop system for the Landing Page Builder has received some improvements. The improvements now include support for Iframes in HTML components and there are also some improvements to the UI. 

The different improvements in a row:  

  • Iframe support: you can now add Iframes to HTML components.
  • More flexibility with table rows: a column spacing is available in the row component.  
  • Improvements to input attribute: Background color, border, and border color styles in the Input section now apply to checkboxes and radio buttons. 
  • Tag support in code fields: Code blocks in headers and footers now support <noscript> and comment (<!– />) tags. 
  • There is support for slightly longer landing page names. 
  • There are changes to Public Link and Unpublish Redirect URL fields: Entered URLs are now clickable, and the error message has been improved. 

Other Summer ’22 Pardot updates:  

  • You can now manually share Salesforce campaigns, this was previously only possible in the salesforce classic. 
  • There are new fields including; total suppressed prospects, total unmailable prospects, and total duplicated prospects on the list email report. 
  • You can widen or narrow the builder canvas for the email templates and email content. 
  • There is a new endpoint for global privacy control in the tracking and consent API. 
  • The Pardot Drip programs will be repealed in June 2022, so if you still have active Drip programs running it’s best to convert them to the Engagement Studio programs. 

As you can see, this summer ’22 release has significant improvements attached to it. Would you like to know more about Pardot and its releases? Do not hesitate and get in touch!