Salesforce Spring Release ’24: zoom-in on Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

It’s only February – not really spring yet – but, as always, Saleforce’s spring release is already here. Depending on your Salesforce instance, this release will have already arrived for you, or will arrive in the first two weeks of February (about now).

Let’s take the HAVIK approach and zoom in on the most important newbies in Salesforce’s marketing platforms. This article highlights updates to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and we published a separate article that covers updates to Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Einstein Assistant in MCAE

If you have been using ChatGPT to help you write emails and subject lines, you’ll be glad to know Einstein Assistant will bring generative AI to MCAE. According to Salesforce’s spring release notes, Einstein Assistant can help you to “quickly create forms, landing pages, email subject lines, and email body copy”. So, what does that look like?

  • For landing pages: Einstein Assistant will suggest a name, tags, a title, and a description, but it will not be able to help you in every step in the landing page creation process. (When it’s unable to help, Einstein will let you know in the chat window.)
  • For forms: Einstein Assistant will suggest a name and tags. It can’t help you with adding fields, but it can help you with the description, headlines, and paragraphs on the Look and Feel tab in the form creation wizard. It can also help you to draft details in the Completion Actions tab. (It’s still unclear if this is only applicable to MCAE Forms or includes Form Handlers as well.)
  • For email: you can use Einstein Assistant to draft a subject line, header, and body copy paragraphs in the email editor.

As you know, Einstein keeps your prompts within the boundaries of the Salesforce platform. Making this tool available to your users is a much safer alternative to tools like ChatGPT, because prompts (and data!) are not exposed to s outside of your organisation.

Einstein Assistant will be available in Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions. (Since Einstein is not enabled by default, you will have to enable Einstein generative AI.)

Updated Email Template Builder

Salesforce has been working on an updated Email Template Builder, their drag-and-drop email builder. We’re very curious about this new experience because Salesforce hasn’t shared anything about what exactly will be updated.

The new Email Template Builder experience will be available in the weeks following the Spring ’24 Release, so you’ll be able to try it out soon. Once you get this new experience, Salesforce lets you choose (for now, at least): you can go for the new experience, or revert to the “old” one.