Re-engaging lost leads using marketing automation

As marketers we tend to focus on leads in the marketing-sales funnel: new leads come in, we nurture them, qualify them and hand them over to the sales team. But what about leads that drop out of that funnel? Leads that weren’t interested in your products or services after all? 

These “lost leads” probably aren’t lost forever. Just because someone isn’t interested in buying your products or working with you right now, doesn’t mean they will never be interested again. If you play it smart, you might just be able to re-engage them later.

In this blog post we’ll discuss a few great opportunities to check back in with lost leads, but first: two important things to keep in mind:

Keep track of lost leads in your CRM 

Ask the sales team to tag lost leads in your CRM so you’ll be able to identify them. Even better: ask them to add a “lost reason”. Why weren’t they interested in your products or services? Having that kind of information will help you to decide on how and when to re-engage them later. 

Don’t spam, treat them right 

What’s very important to keep in mind when you’re thinking about re-engaging lost leads, is that they aren’t interested right now. This might seem obvious, but it’s often forgotten. Spamming lost leads with a series of emails right away, trying to convince them to buy anyway, won’t work. Chances are they will unsubscribe and you will have truly lost them. 

 Instead, contact them again when the time is right: 

  • When they show interest again themselves 
  • When you have something to offer them that would take away their initial objection 
  • When their business changes and your offering becomes more relevant because of it 

Now, let’s dive deeper. 

When a lost lead shows interest again 

The very best time to re-engage a lost lead is when they show interest in your business again themselves. You’ll know when that happens if they start visiting your website again, download an ebook or a white paper, attend a webinar or an event,… 

Lost lead automation flows triggered by page views 

When a lost lead starts visiting your website again, there are certain key pages you need to keep an eye on. If they read a blog post, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are considering working with you again. But when they visit key pages like product/service pages or pricing pages, that does show a rekindled interest in your business. 

And that’s a good time for you to re-engage: set up automation flows that triggers an email sequence as soon as a lost lead visits (a combination of) those key pages multiple times. Keep in mind these leads already know you and your products or services, so enrolling them in the same nurturing flows you set up for new leads, isn’t the way to go – they need a different, personalized approach. 

Here’s an example of what your first email could look like:

Lost leads example 1