How to create UX forms with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)?

MC Account Engagement (Pardot) Forms are one of the ways that you can use to collect information about visitors on your website or landing pages and help you to convert visitors into prospects. But how can MC Account Engagement (Pardot) help you to implement UX design Patterns into your forms?

For this exercise, we will list a few UX design principles and go one by one, for you to see how to apply them when building your MC Account Engagement (Pardot) Forms.

Let’s do it. 

1. Less is more

Very extensive forms can be annoying for some people. So, depending on the form subject try to ask as little as possible, to keep the interest high and less painless as possible. 

There are many case studies that demonstrate forms with less field have a higher completion rate and the submission quality stayed the same. 

When Build a MC Account Engagement (Pardot) form through the wizard you can select the fields do you want to include