Havik as Easyposts Full Service marketing automation partner


EasyPost is a Belgian specialist in managing packaging and mail. They handle the distribution of outgoing letters, parcels and registered mail. It is their mission to help each customer on a personal level.

Because EasyPost has grown strongly in recent years, their current tools for both CRM and e-mail were no longer sufficient. They, therefore, engaged HAVIK as a full-service Salesforce partner. We took care of the implementation and support of the Salesforce tools Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot).

Switch to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

EasyPost decided to switch to a new platform. Their current tool, Hubspot, no longer complied with the need for a strong integration to have a 360┬░ overview across sales, service & marketing. MC Account Engagement, Salesforce’s marketing automation solution, on the other hand, is the ideal fit to offer a strong customer experience solution to EasyPost’s customers.

The MC Account Engagement implementation started with a workshop series where we sat down with EasyPost to look at, among other things, the expected data model and communication strategy. We also discussed how the synchronization with the CRM platform Sales Cloud and the migration of their current assets would happen.

After going through all this, we were ready to implement MC Account Engagementwith this input. It was important to fully integrate their website and name all roles and provide access. The preference center was also started in which new landing pages and email templates were created. This was accompanied by the integration of Unbounce and the EasyPost calculator form, both important elements for lead generation. To complete the implementation, a link was established with the EasyPost chatbot so that any leads flowed directly into MC Account Engagement.

Finally, the migration from Hubspot to MC Account Engagement was done. This involved taking over current campaigns, forms, segments, emails and landing pages. We finally closed the implementation by importing the leads from Hubspot.

Full-service Salesforce partner for EasyPost

Currently, we are also their go-to partner for strategic, functional and technical Salesforce issues and provide a standby support team to provide the necessary support on a bi-weekly basis.

Setting out a strategic course

In addition to the reactive support that we offer, we also hold monthly strategy sessions with EasyPost to increase their maturity within MC Account Engagement and more specifically within the Marketing automation component. We do this through workshops tailored to the needs and priorities of EasyPost. This ranges from setting up specific onboarding journeys that customers & prospects need, refining scoring and grading tactics to determining which criteria are important to bring new leads to sales and reporting on this. What touchpoints now ensure that an MQL is converted to SQL and eventually becomes a customer? These are things that we map out so that the right insights can be gained. We work hard to achieve the best possible synergy between marketing & sales and to increase the knowledge within EasyPost we also transfer knowledge during in-depth training sessions so that they understand the tactics and possibilities of Marketing Automation and can subsequently also apply them. This is also part of our approach to taking our customers to the next level.