A Year of Evolution and Growth, Looking Ahead to 2024

In the dynamic landscape of marketing automation, HAVIK continues to carve its path as a pioneering force. We sat down with Nick Windey and Catrien Janssen, our managing partners, to delve into the accomplishments of 2023 and their exciting objectives for the forthcoming year. 

What were some of HAVIK’s biggest accomplishments of 2023? 

“Creating hybrid profiles within our workforce was key,” Catrien emphasizes, reflecting on this accomplishment of the past year. “We’ve been focused on expanding the skill set of our consultants. By fostering expertise in tool-agnostic marketing automation within Salesforce and enhancing both technical and strategic skills, we’re empowering our team to support our clients across diverse needs.” 

Another achievement in 2023 was the successful execution of large-scale implementation projects within the manufacturing industry. Notably, the collaboration with Vandersanden stands as a testament to HAVIK’s expertise. In a true partnership, the teams of HAVIK and Vandersanden worked hand in hand on the implementation project. Migrating Vandersanden’s marketing automation from Selligent to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement was a game-changer, elevating their marketing automation to new heights. 

Another highlight of the year was the collaborative event organized with Salesforce. Nick explains that the event served as a platform for industry experts to share insights and best practices, emphasizing the shift towards moments-based marketing and unveiling strategies to maximize marketing automation’s potential. “Hosting our valued customers from the manufacturing & wholesale industry was a privilege.”