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Our focus is on the long-term value you’ll get from marketing automation. That’s why we don’t just stop with the implementation of your platform. You can count on us afterwards too. When the stakes are really high and you want a reliable, creative sparring partner to help you optimize your marketing efforts.


At HAVIK the implementation of your Salesforce marketing automation platform goes far beyond technical integration in your digital system and processes. We look at your needs and priorities and integrate them in your tactical plans and your company’s strategy. And we help you get started on a streamlined customer journey that links your marketing to your sales and service processes.

Marketing automation guidance

Your marketing automation has to get results. That is why we support you with strategic advice, best practices, the right coaching for your employees and technical assistance. You will learn how to use the platform, know what impact your decisions will have and how to use the platform to achieve your goals and KPIs. This is how you maximize the results of your marketing automation.

With marketing automation we put your customer first

Planning to automate your marketing processes? When it comes to marketing automation, HAVIK takes a 360° sharp-eyed view of both the big picture AND the details. We implement your marketing automation technically, tactically and strategically and we’ll be there to help you throughout the whole process – before, during and long after the implementation.

We work with 2 marketing automation tools on the Salesforce platform, namely: Pardot and Marketing cloud. What do you get out of it? A customer journey based on rock-solid, objective data that enables you to get to know your prospects and customers better, effortlessly achieve your objectives and boost your sales. In addition, you also get a long-term relationship with an all-round partner that has a thorough knowledge and understanding of your company and processes.

“We don’t sell empty promises. What we sell is a real passion and the mindset for marketing automation.”

Discover the 2 tools

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a tool that allows you to get to know better your clients, managing to deliver the correct message at the best timing. Through the creation of personalized campaigns 1:1 and the follow up of your client’s interaction with the insights provided by Einstein’s Platform, which can significantly increase your sales volume.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is a marketing automation solution for your company to create more impact and relevance during the customer journey, for your company that wants to maximize marketing/sales efforts and work from a customer-centric approach to generate more relevant conversions and create that 360° view you always wanted.