Marketing Cloud

Solution for large SMEs & enterprises B2B or B2C 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a tool that allows you to get to know better your clients, managing to deliver the correct message at the best timing. Through the creation of personalized campaigns 1:1 and the follow up of your client’s interaction with the insights provided by Einstein’s Platform, which can significantly increase your sales volume. 

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  • There’s a deeper knowledge about your clients, leads, or prospects journeys since it’s possible to control every interaction that it may have with the company, which eases the creation of efficient campaigns with a bigger ROI. 
  • It’s one of the biggest advantages since it’s possible to do to personalize your communication with the client using Artificial Intelligence with Einstein’s Platform. 

Increase Productivity

Secured Data

Channel Differentiation

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement helps you simplify your daily business tasks and allows your staff to waste less time with boring tasks such as program installation.  
  • The software provided in Marketing cloud Engagement it’s not owned by the company and therefore doesn’t need installation, only approval from the server. 
  • Allows access through any device, maximizing time efficiency when in need for of a quick look. 
  • Since Marketing Cloud Engagement has its own cloud, it is easy to share documents, data extensions between business units, and other activities. 
  • Using consumer data to improve their experience is a necessary need nowadays. 
  • After all, the practice of gathering data from the public allows you to have a better understanding and improves your insights for a more buzzing campaign, however, it’s a task that needs to be paid attention to.  
  • Following that thought, adopting Marketing Cloud Engagement means investing in protecting that information. Using encrypted technology, the platform ensures that your data will only be accessed by personnel authorized by you. 
  • It’s clearly important to understand which channel is more used by your audience and invest in using it. 
  • However. Launching content in dispersed channels, it’s essential to engage your audience and increase the reach of your content. Marketing cloud allows managing simultaneously in different channels. 
  • At the same time, you can manage your social media, create content for your blog, configure email marketing campaigns and send text messages, so if you’re launching a new product, you can work on a complete communication strategy.