Marketing Automation Guidance

The HAVIK journey: we help you from start to…

What good is marketing automation if you can’t work with it? That’s why we give you technical, tactical and strategic guidance. In language that’s easy to understand. Throughout your entire marketing automation journey. And we do that at your own pace, based on your priorities. We zoom in from your strategic objectives to the technical and functional aspects, and the details of marketing automation. Then we zoom out again and link back to your strategy.

You can come to us with all your questions and we will help you to solve any problems. We’ll be your sparring partner and challenge you to go further and further and to expose and solve any difficulties you encounter on your customer journey. You will receive:

  • training tailored to your processes and your goals
  • Map out strategic routes for you and
  • You can always count on our technical support

This way you get a trusted marketing automation environment in which your employees like working.

Data: a gold mine

The customer is king

Analyze and improve

Turn your leads into customers

Data is the gold mine of marketing automation. HAVIK helps you understand and use that data, so that you can:

  • Segment and profile your customers
  • A better overview of your personas
  • Send your leads just the right message at just the right moment
  • Get a better understanding of what your leads want and turn your gold mine of info into a personalized customer journey

In marketing automation, it all revolves around your leads and customers. The goal is to give them the added value they are looking for with relevant content and enrich their profiles with the right data. We help you to:

  • Join all the dots between your marketing, sales and service departments
  • Develop a single seamless customer journey with a 360° overview of your customers
  • Map out and increase your customers’ loyalty
  • Communicate proactively with them from all your departments

What makes your marketing successful? And better than your competitors? Analyzing your campaigns and the content you send. There’s no better way to do that than with our 360° reports, which visualize your whole marketing and sales funnel.

  • Know how many leads and the returns you’re getting from a campaign
  • Make your campaigns stronger on the basis of what your customers do on your website
  • Get more ROI from your marketing.

The purpose of marketing automation? To create leads and ultimately win them over as customers. How to do that? By dividing your customer journey into always-on and push campaigns that reinforce each other. During your HAVIK journey we will help you to:

  • Deliver content to your leads via all your channels
  • Provide each lead with personalized content based on what they trigger on your platform
  • Conduct A/B testing to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • Bridge the gap between your marketing and sales departments